Workout Madness: 6 common mistakes to avoid when exercising!
woman working out on rowing machine

Whenever you work out or exercise you want to maximise your efforts. Its very easy however to compromise this by making simple but very common mistakes. Below are a list of common exercise mistakes that will compromise your workout and affect long-term results.

1. Poor hydration. Weigh yourself before and after exercising and you should be the same. This means regular hydration during training and replacing the fluid your body loses through sweat. When weighing yourself every kg you lose during exercise is worth 1 liter of water, which will compromise your performance and recovery.

2. Low fuel supply. When taking your car for a spin you always check the fuel gauge before leaving. This should be the same with your body when working out. Fueling properly before exercise will ensure you get the most out of whatever you are doing. Pushing yourself further will bring better results. Good pre-workout snacks are fresh fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice, dried fruit and nut mix and a peanut butter sandwich.

3. Staying in the comfort zone. There is nothing comfortable about a profitable workout (in some cases this is appropriate especially when recovering from injury). Pushing yourself is the key to improving your fitness and getting the best results. Each time you exercise make sure you are trying to improve on your last workout. Here is an article about how to get the most out of your exercise.

4. Re-fueling. Just as important as fueling prior to exercise is eating after exercise. The goal is to restock your fuel supplies so your body has enough energy to properly recover. How you recover will affect how you feel the next day and will impact on your next workout.

5. Quality not quantity. You don’t need to spend hours exercising to get good results. 20 minutes is all you need provided you go hard. If you don’t have much time on your hands then don’t throw in the towel like many do, just find 20 minutes everyday.