Weight Loss Packages
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The Diet For You weight loss packages cater for any individual looking for thorough and ongoing support towards their weight loss goal. Accredited Practising Dietitian David Finnin will create a program for you that is based on your individual requirements, with the primary goal being longterm weight loss.

What’s included in our weight loss packages

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Each of our weight loss packages come with an eating plan that is carefully designed based on your individual requirements, with the goal of long-term results. This takes into account your starting weight, goal weight, dietary requirements and individual food preferences. Our programs are not based on generic eating plans, but rather are tailored to you as an individual. Each plan comes with lots of tasty recipes that cater for cooks of all levels!

With our weight loss packages you will receive thorough guidance along your weight loss journey, and receive valuable advice and strategies for weight maintenance once you reach your healthy weight.

See change beyond your weight

Each package includes fortnightly body composition analysis using Bodymetrix. This is a short non-invasive test that allows you to accurately see changes in body fat and lean tissue each time you come in for a consultation. Weight can often be misleading, but with Bodymetrix we can see small changes in body composition that would otherwise go unnoticed. Read more about body composition testing here

Packages and prices-

Starter Weight Loss Package

Includes personally tailored eating plan and 4 x fortnightly consultations at your choice of clinic.
Total cost is $390

*Ideal for those looking to lose approximately 5-10% of their starting weight

Thorough Weight Loss Package

Includes personally tailored eating plan and 8 x consultations (either weekly or fortnightly). Includes unlimited email support.
Total cost is $720 only $590 *Limited time price

*Ideal for those looking to lose more than 10% of their starting weight

PLEASE NOTE: Private health rebates are available for those with dietary extas

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*Disclaimer: Please note results may vary from person to person as there are many factors that influence weight and health status.