Can't make it to the clinic?

NEW: Telephone Consultations

Speak with one of Australia’s leading nutrition experts from the comfort of your home

Adelaide Dietitian - David Finnin

David Finnin, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Get help from Accredited Dietitian and and weight loss specialist David Finnin. David has a wealth of experience that includes helping patients at large Hospitals, Rehabilitation & Community Health Centres, and privately run medical clinics across Australia. With extensive and ongoing research in the field of nutritional therapy, David has become highly regarded as a leader in the industry. David has helped many people reshape their lives with effective dietary management.

At Diet For You, you can now get personalised nutrition advice over the telephone. Call us on 0404 075 279 or email to arrange an appointment time. Initial consultations run for approx. 45-60 mins and cost $75. Review consultations run for 30mins and cost $55.

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What to expect during a consultation?
A Telephone dietitian consultation is carried out in the same way as a regular Dietitian consultation, only over the phone rather than in person. After you book your first appointment we will send you a form to complete with some basic questions about your health. This is just like a Patient Details Form you would complete at our clinic. We will telephone you at the time of your appointment. During the session your Dietitian will cover the following:

  • Your goals and what you hope to achieve
  • Analysis of your current Diet specific to your goals
  • A personalised diet plan with strategies specific to your goals

Following your consultation you will be sent a copy of your Diet strategies along with any relevant information.

Dietitian Phone Consultation
Telephone consultations are appropriate for those…
  • living in rural areas outside of close proximity to our clinic
  • with no means of transportation to our clinic
  • too busy to attend regular face to face consultations
  • only available outside of the clinics opening hours
  • with urgent concerns or questions about your diet and health