Prices & Rebates

Individual Consultation Prices

Initial Consultations (approx. 60 minutes): $95.00
Review Consultations (approx. 30 minutes): $65.00
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Combined Consultation Prices (with a friend)

Initial Consultations (approx. 70 minutes): $70.00 per person
Review Consultations (approx. 40 minutes): $50.00 per person

Private Health Rebates

Rebates apply for most private health funds. This will differ depending on level of cover and extras. HICAPs is available for on the spot rebates.

Medicare Rebates

All consultations under Enhanced Primary Care (Care plans), also known as a GP management plan, will be bulk billed through medicare. Please note this requires a referral from your GP with accompanying forms completed.

Choosing Your Nutritionist

Just about anyone is able to call themselves a nutritionist or dietitian and give out advice, even if the information they provide has no scientific basis. The best way to avoid this is to look for the letters APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian) or AN (Accredited Nutritionist) and check they are registered with the Dietitian’s Association of Australia. Only those with a minimum of 4 years of university training and experience in hospitals can obtain this status.

David Finnin is an APD, AN and member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia meaning all advice is trustworthy and scientifically proven.

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