The Power of Mindful Eating

Do you struggle to control your portion sizes at meals? Find yourself going back for seconds without a moments hesitation? Or left confused when you look down at the empty wrapper and wonder where on earth that block of chocolate disappeared?

If this describes you then I’m sure you could benefit from eating more mindfully.
What is mindful eating?
It’s simply thinking about your food. Most of the time our attention is on other things apart from what in our mouth. Eating mindfully is about diverting attention back to what’s in our mouth. The subtle flavors and texture that makes a food unique.
To properly eating mindfully requires the removal of distractions. Try turning off your tv and close your laptop. This will help you focus on your food.
Is slowing down important?
The reason we eat to quickly is because out minds have wandered from our foods. Therefore if you simply think about the flavor of each individual mouthful, then you will naturally slow down your pace of eating. Slowing down is important because you will feel fuller on less food. But focusing on flavor and texture is essential to feel satisfied.
Have you ever looked on in amazement at the person who quite happy takes two or three teaspoons of desert and decides they are happy to leave the rest for later? Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme. But by eating mindfully it is quite possible to feel satisfied without gorging your face or finishing the whole ice-cream or chocolate bar.
Try it and see for yourself the power of mindful eating!

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