Nutrition Seminars and Workshops
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As a qualified expert in health and nutrition, David Finnin can help your company increase it’s health and performance with up to date and practical advice and education about food and exercise. There is no doubting good nutrition improves performance, whether this is on the sporting field or in the office. David Finnin has extensive experience running seminars and workshops for a range of businesses, sporting clubs, schools and gyms.

Who Can Benefit from Nutrition Seminars and Workshops?

  • Businesses large and small
  • Sporting clubs
  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Interest groups


Nutrition Topics

David has experience presenting on a range of nutrition topics and is very flexible in accommodating your requests. Here are some example topics:

  • Eating Right on the Run- planning a day with quick and healthy meal and snack ideas. Including healthy options when dining out
  • Getting the balance right- What does a balanced diet actually mean? What foods to eat most and what foods to eat least. Advice for optimal energy and long term health
  • What to eat at breakfast & lunch- why breakfast and lunch are so important to overall health and energy. Suggestions for nutritious breakfast and lunches that combine protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Including options when short on time.
  • What you should and shouldn’t be drinking- includes advice on hydration with water, coffee & caffeine, juicing, soft drinks and alcohol
  • Food sensitivities- advice for bloating, wind and tummy pain. What are the common foods that cause symptoms and what to replace them with.
  • Fueling for exercise- How to use nutrition to get the most our of exercise and accelerate results. What to eat/drink post exercise for the best recovery

Each session typically runs for 60 minutes, however this is flexible, and includes question and answer time. Relevant resources including fact sheets and healthy recipes are provided to all attendees.

For queries on price and availability please contact Diet For You on 0404075279.