Healthy Snack Suggestions

Knowing what snacks to include in your diet can be a challenge. With so many snacks on offer each with their on health claims on the label it becomes confusing to know what is healthy and what is not. To help you out I have listed my top 5 healthy snacks below.

1. Fresh Fruit
Ok I know this is an obvious selection but it’s just too good to ignore. The Australian Guidelines recommend 2 serves of fruit per day, but most Australians fall well short of this. I recommend eating fruit in season as much as possible, and even better when supplied from a local source. Why not look up where you’re local farmers market is and drop in on a Saturday.
For those who don’t like eating fresh fruit by itself, that’s ok, there are many ways to achieve your two serves per day. Why not enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie with frozen banana and mixed berries. If you eat cereal you could add sliced banana or canned peaches. I speak to many people who don’t enjoy fresh fruit but do enjoy fruit salad. Make up a big batch and enjoy this throughout the week.
2. Nuts
These are nutrition powerhouses that should be part of everyone’s diet. Snacking on raw mixed nuts not only provides many essential nutrients, fiber and protein, but they also do a great job of filling you up between meals. Add walnuts to your mix for a healthy supply of omega-3.
3. Yoghurt
Natural varieties are best without the added sugar. Yoghurt is full of calcium and good bacteria that will keep your digestive system working in tip top condition. For a wholesome breakfast or desert add mixed berries, sliced almonds and rolled oats! Yum!
4. Dark chocolate
Perfect for those with an extra sweet tooth. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate provides many good nutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols. It’s rich taste means that you only need a couple squares to satisfy your hankering for something sweet. I recommend choosing a dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for the most health benefits.
5. Hummus
Perfect with veggies sticks, rice crackers or vita-weats. A great source of fiber and protein and very filling. It’s easy to make yourself, just combine chickpeas, some garlic, tahini and lemon juice. For those sensitive to food intolerance be careful with quantity.
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