Fruit Makes You Fat: 6 Food Myths Doing The Rounds

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Don’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes to food advice given by those without reputable qualifications. Here is the truth behind some far too common food myths that may be compromising your health!

Eating sugar makes you fat

Not necessarily! Sure, if you’re downing 2 litres of coke and a block of chocolate everyday it’s more than likely. However small amounts of sugar is ok for most people, provided its part of a mostly nutritious diet. These days it’s almost impossible to avoid sugar completely given how many staple foods it’s been added to, so don’t fret about small doses here and there.

Fruit has fructose therefore its bad for you

If you haven’t come across this one trust me its been doing the rounds. Fruit is one of the most powerful health promoting foods, and has been proven to have a plethora of health benefits as well as cancer fighting properties. This mislead thinking starts when people look too closely at individual nutrients, rather than food as a whole. Yes fruit indeed contains fructose, but it also contains an almost innumerable amount of antioxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals which all work together to improve your health.

You should be eating 6 meals per day

There is actually no perfect number of meals. Provided you are eating the right types of food, it’s completely fine to eat 3 meals a day if that’s what suits you best. The basic principle is to eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full.

You’re overweight because you eat too much fruit

It’s possible to overeat just about anything, no matter how healthy it is, but fruit being the major cause of weight problems is unlikely. Compared to most common snack foods fruit is very low in calories and is filling at the same time. The vast majority of people are eating too little fruit, rather than too much.

Nuts are high in fat therefore they should be avoided

Nuts indeed have fat in them, however their scarcely related to fat gain. Most of the fats in nuts are healthy for your heart, and because of the natural fibre and protein they are great at suppressing appetite. Studies that have looked at the link between nuts and gaining weight have mostly found nuts to have beneficial effects on weight. The best types of nuts are undoubtedly raw nuts.

Protein shakes help you lose weight

There is some truth to this one, but let me clarify. Higher protein foods tend to fill us up more, and therefore can help control our appetite making them useful for weight loss. This does not mean however that you should to be slurping down protein shakes all day. Natural foods like eggs, fish, nuts and legumes are far more effective than the white powder. Unless your goal is to build muscle, leave the protein powder in the cupboard.