Four ‘Less Talked About’ Characteristics of Successful Weight Losers

lady measuring her stomach
Often when we think about the keys to weight loss our minds go straight to things like discipline, will power and commitment. Although these have some role to play, we tend to over emphasize their importance whilst down playing other ‘less talked about’ yet vitally important characteristics.

Here are four key characteristics of successful weight losers that you may be neglecting to your own detriment:

1. They have belief in themselves

Having a firm and unwavering belief in your ability to succeed is vital. Studies in habit formation have shown that without belief, people are highly unlikely to form new and healthier habits. Unfortunately after years of failed dieting attempts many have had their belief and confidence sapped, making the prospect of true change seem unattainable.

But here is some good news… it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past, success is absolutely achievable. You have everything you need to reach your goals, and failure to see this may be the missing piece holding you back.

If you are one of many who struggle to believe in yourself, don’t fret, its something you can work on. Each day spend 5 minutes imagining yourself reaching your goals (whatever they may be). See yourself succeeding & make it real in your head. The more you do this the more your belief will grow.

2. They focus on health, rather than the scales

Placing attention on things we can control is more likely to lead to successful outcomes. As hard as we might try the reality is we have less control over the scales that we think. Each day our weight fluctuates due to a host of factors outside of our control, and sadly, it can leave individuals feeling like failures.

For better weight loss results, focus on how healthy eating and exercise make you feel rather than the scales telling you how to feel. Do this and weight loss will naturally follow over time.

3. They maintain a positive frame of mind, even in adversity

No one can be perfect, and therefore individuals who respond in a positive way to adversity have ultimate success. After a mistake or slip up there are two ways to respond: 1. Berate yourself with disparaging self talk such as “I have no self control and deserve to be overweight, or 2. Accept that everyone makes mistakes and rather than succumbing to a guilt trip, think of practical ways to avoid the same mistake in the future.

It’s not how many mistakes we make that’s important, it’s how we respond that really matters. Those who are more accepting and proactive in the face of adversity tend to have better outcomes in the end. Guilt doesn’t take you anywhere but backwards.

4. They start their day with a quality breakfast

Studies looking at successful dieters have highlighted the importance of a healthy breakfast to success. This is a difficult phenomenon to explain from a solely physiological standpoint, however whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that those who start the day with good food tend to have better weight loss outcomes. If you are someone often skips breakfast then make this the very first thing you change, and the results may surprise you.