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Meet David Finnin, Dietitian & Nutritionist

Picture of David and his family

I’m passionate about providing people with the support and direction they need to reach their goals. Lifestyle change can be very difficult and challenging when done all alone. Healthy eating can become confusing and frustrating because there are so many ideas about what people should and shouldn’t do.

My mission is to provide a clear and simple path to success, that removes confusion and frustration. This year I published my first book, The Simple Eating Revolution, a daily guide to eating that is sustainable and removes confusion from eating.

I’m continually amazed at the incredible influence that food has on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Modern research is shedding new light on the complex and sophisticated role that food and its nutrients play at a microscopic level.

But food provides us with so much more than just nutrients. Food should provide joy and satisfaction to our everyday life, and part of my passion is helping people to not only achieve results, but to have a healthy and positive relationship with food.

For too many people, food is a source of guilt and shame rather than joy and satisfaction. My role is helping people discover a healthy relationship with food, because it simply makes life better.

My appeal to people is to not place limitations on what they are capable of achieving, nor underestimate the life changing benefits that come with a healthy food relationship. I’m here to support you through this process.

Let’s sit down and talk about your health needs & struggles with food (believe me we all have them!) and work together to improve your health.

Give us a call or send through an email and lets get started!

On a side note… pictured above is my wife Steph, and 18 month old boy Theo. Steph, when she doesn’t have her hands full attending to the boy, helps me out answering phones and with the day to day running of the business!

Professional Information

In 2009 I graduated from Deakin University in Victoria to become an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Since then I have enjoyed a variety of roles dealing with a whole range of health conditions working largely in partnership with local gp’s, medical specialists and other allied health professionals.
Diet For You is my private practice where I assist individuals of all ages shape their health with food that meets their unique nutritional needs.