What to eat when eating out? 6 Easy tips for regular restaurant goers
lady holding a knife and fork

There is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying a meal at restaurant every now and then. It’s especially fun on special occasions or when catching up with friends or family. If eating out becomes more than the odd occurrence however, then you need to be careful with your selections. It’s almost impossible to know exactly what ingredients a chief will use, and how much oil, cream or butter goes into some dishes- but being smart with food choices will certainly keep you on the right track.

Following are some simple tips to keep in mind when ordering. Remember that on special occasions forget these tips and go for whatever you darn well feel like!

1. Tomato based rather than cream based. This is especially true for pastas and risottos. I shudder to think how much cream and butter goes into creamy sauces.

2. Be wary of salad dressings. It seems ironic that salads have more calories than most other menu items. The reason is obviously not the salad itself but the drenching of salad dressings. When ordering a salad ask for the dressing on the side and then you can control how much goes on.

3. Go for the side of veggies. It may sound obvious but when given the option go for the baked veggies over chips. You will never regret it once it arrives and you will be saving a huge slab of calories.

4. Get a doggy bag. If we don’t finish every last bit on our plate it seems like a waste- especially considering the price of some meals. Instead of jamming done the last quarter of your meal most restaurants are more than happy to provide you a doggy bag. Just think how good it will taste tomorrow when you’ve got your appetite back!

5. Go for grilled not crumbed. This one is fairly self-explanatory, but you can almost bet that crumbed food will have been deep fried in oil. For this reason look for the words grilled on the menu or if your not sure ask the waiter.

6. Share dessert. Usually once mains is done there wont be much room left for dessert. That’s why sharing a dessert is usually enough to satisfy.