Complete body composition and dietary analysis
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Each analysis comes with a detailed report to take home!

The complete body composition and dietary analysis is a detailed examination of your body composition and nutritional intake against key benchmarks for optimal health. Discover precisely how much fat, muscle and water you carry, and how this effects your overall fitness and disease risk. Discover the nutritional quality of your diet including nutrient balance, nutrient diversity and total daily intake of important nutrients such as fibre, calcium, omega 3, iron and more.

At the end of your analysis you will receive an in-depth report detailing all of your results, including your body composition goals and nutritional targets.

The complete body composition and dietary analysis is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, and anyone seeking professional dietary advice.

What information will you receive?

  • Detailed and accurate body composition measurements
  • Your total body fat in kg and body fat %
  • Your total muscle weight in kg
  • Your body skinfolds accurately measured through ultrasound
  • Formation of body composition goals with tips on how you can achieve these goals
  • Analysis of your key nutrient intake including dietary fibre, protein, iron, omega 3, calcium, water, sugar, saturated fat and sodium
  • Key strategies provided by a dietitian to improve your health

How is your body composition measured?

We use Bodymetrix technology which measures tissue through ultrasound. It’s simple, quick and non-invasive, and has been scientifically validated for accuracy.

How long does each consultation take?

The full body composition and dietary analysis takes approx. 60-70 minutes.

Cost of the analysis

PLEASE NOTE This price includes a follow consultation and second body scan!
*Private health rebates apply, hicaps available

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