Body Composition Analysis
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Ever wondered how much fat and muscle you carry, and how this affects your health? At Diet For You we use ultrasound technology to analyse your body composition and accurately measure your body fat percentage, muscle mass and water weight. You will also discover your unique daily calorie requirements based on these measurements. Body composition analysis is great for tracking progress over time, and is a much better indicator of health than weight and BMI alone.

Benefits of ultrasound technology

There are many ways to get your composition tested, but very few of these provide accurate and reliable results. Traditional body fat testing on scales can be unreliable and may provide misleading measures. Ultrasound technology from Body Metrix however is fast and reliable and has been scientifically validated for accuracy. In other words the results you get are reliable.

What’s included?

  • Body fat percentage
  • Lean mass percentage and total muscle weight
  • Water weight
  • Results benchmarked against key targets
  • Your unique daily calorie requirements
  • Goal setting based on your results
  • Risk factors for heart disease and diabetes
  • Detailed take-home report with all of your results and goals based on your unique requirements
  • Scans performed by a fully trained professional

Prices (ex. GST)

– Initial full body analysis (including report): $45
– Follow-up body analysis: $30

Performing the scan

man performing ultrasound
The body scan is completely safe and non-invasive. Each scan takes around 20 minutes to complete and your results are instantly available and will be explained to you in detail. Appropriate attire for the scan is shorts and t-shirt or loose fitting pants. You will be given a report with all your measurements to take home!

Body analysis is available at all Diet For You locations- bookings are essential. For businesses, sporting clubs or gyms we can come to you!