Low Carb Diets: Are they better for weight loss?

One of the hot debates raging in the health industry is whether or not low carbohydrate diets produce better weight loss results.

There have been many studies conducted comparing low carb diets to other forms of dieting with interesting findings. One thing these studies have demonstrated is that low Carbohydrate diets do in fact lead to better short term results compared to conventional low fat diets. These greater results are still present even when both diets are made up of exactly the same amount of calories.
Why is this the case you may ask? Well if you can answer this question you will make a lot of money. Researchers are still somewhat perplexed as to why initial weight loss is better on low carbohydrate diets, despite identical calorie content.
There is a catch
Although low carb diets seem to produce better weight loss results in the initial phase of a diet, these results seem to wear off sometime after 6 months. Studies have shown that after 12 of dieting the total weight loss on low carb versus conventional dieting is similar. Once again the exact cause of this is still unknown.
What is known however, is that for anyone wanting sustained weight loss success, the type of carbohydrate you eat is far more important than the total quantity of carbs. Many of the carbohydrates that we consume today are highly processed which removes naturally occurring fiber and key vitamins and minerals. Interestingly a recent study has demonstrated that highly processed or ‘refined carbohydrates’ can cause extreme food craving due to the rise and fall of blood sugar levels. Choosing wholegrain and whole meal varieties will present this from happening, and at the same time will provide much needed nutrients.
What about fruit?
Fruit contains sugar in the form of fructose, however, when eaten in its natural state fruit also contains plenty of fiber, which slows down digestion and absorption. For this reason fruit should be included in every diet, even when someone is trying to lose weight.
The Final word…
For anyone wanting long-term weight loss results, low carbohydrate diets are no more effective that any other form of dieting in the long run. The type of carbohydrates that make up your diet is far more important than the total quantity.
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