60 Day REAL FOOD Weight Loss Challenge
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Next challenge starting in January 2017!

Who should take part in the challenge?*

  • Anyone wanting to eat better, lose weight and reduce risk factors for chronic illness
  • Anyone wanting to experience the benefits of a nutritionally rich diet, full of vitamins and minerals from real food sources
  • Anyone tired of fad diets, and seeking a more sustainable approach for long-term health

About the 60 Day Challenge

The program has been carefully designed by Accredited Practising Dietitian David Finnin, and will help you on the right path to weight loss in a healthy and balanced way. The basis of the challenge is all about fuelling yourself with REAL, FRESH and WHOLESOME foods. After 60 days you will experience the benefits that only come from a nourishing diet low in processed foods and unnatural additives & ingredients.

The goal of the challenge is not just weight loss, but to help you feel better and reduce risk factors for chronic disease.

During the 60 day challenge you will be provided with 3 dietitian consultations (scheduled at your convenience) at one of our 3 clinics across Adelaide. The purpose of these consultations is to tailor your eating plan to your individual requirements, and to discuss key strategies for long-term success.

What’s included in the program?

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1. 8 Week Eating Plan
This is a comprehensive plan that allows for your food preferences and eating requirements. The basis of the eating plan is real food, and with this plan you will learn how to eat a well balanced and nourishing diet. Along with the plan you will receive lots of healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and super tasty!

2. Full Body Analysis
Find out precise measurements for body fat and body muscle. These measurements are a much better indication of health and disease risk than weight alone. We use Bodymetrix ultrasound technology to perform this test, which is non-invasive and highly accurate. Bodymetrix will be performed at the beginning, mid point and end of the challenge.

3. Consultations with a qualified Dietitian x 3
These can be scheduled at your convenience at one of our 3 clinics around Adelaide. During each consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get specific nutrition advice for you needs.

4. Daily checklists and food diary forms to keep you on track!

5. Unlimited email support from your dietitian
Not only will you have 3 sessions with your dietitian, you can also have all your questions and concerns answered through email at any time.

Cost of the program

The full 60 Day REAL FOOD weight loss program is only $290. This includes everything listed. Included value is well over $400!!

AND… if you have private health cover you may be eligible for rebates.

When Can I start the Program?

Bookings are open now and the next challenge will commence from January 2017. The program will run for 60 days from your first consultation. There are limited spots available so book fast!

Call (08) 7070 1663 or email info@dietforyou.com.au today to take up the challenge!

*Disclaimer: Please note results may vary from person to person as there are many factors that influence weight and health status.