5 Reasons why you can’t lose those last 5kg’s
lady standing on scales

It can be super frustrating when you cant seem to drop those last few kg’s to reach your target weight. So here is a list of common reasons that may be stopping you from doing so.

1. Not enough exercise. Sometimes people might exercise everyday but they don’t push themselves enough. Your body adapts to a normal exercise routine and that’s why its important to push yourself past your comfort zone on a regular basis.

2. You eat more than you think. It’s common knowledge that humans underestimate how much food we actually eat, usually by around 20-30%. That’s a significant amount of calories. Try keeping a food diary and weighing your food for 2 weeks and then add up the average for each day.

3. You eat to quickly. Eating quickly means eating more food. It takes your body around 20 minutes to register fullness from the time you start eating. Taking your time and thinking about each mouthful will not only add to the enjoying of your food, but it will mean you eat less without noticing.

4. Too much alcohol. Just one glass of wine each day add up to a whopping 5,000 kilojoules each week, and that’s if you have a small glass! To put that into context it takes around 6 hours of walking to burn off that sort of energy!!

5. Your body is healthy where it is. We all have a set weight which may go up and down by a few kg’s, however trying to push yourself past this point is extremely difficult and may require you to eat a low calorie diet forever. Hmmm that doesn’t sound like fun!