5 Easy ways to eat less without noticing
lady choosing between healthy and unhealthy food

Brian Wansink is the author of a book titled “Mindless Eating” and has spent years running experiments to test the reasons why people eat more than they think, and conversely why people may eat less than they think. According to Brian Wansink it’s entirely possible to eat up to 20% less food in any given day without our brain even noticing. This is what he calls the “mindless margin”. Imagine how many calories that would equal by slashing a fifth of your diet! Well here are some tips to do exactly that…

1. Use smaller plates and bowls: This one may seem obvious but what is surprising is how much less we actually eat when we do it. Studies have constantly demonstrated the power of this simple technique. Instead of a big dinner plate try dishing up on a bread and butter plate.

2. Use tall and skinny glasses: To the naked eye tall glasss appears to carry much more liquid than short and stumpy ones. This is handy when it comes to sweet drinks or alcohol. I always tell clients to use a champagne flute when drinking wine for this very reason.

3. Out of sight, out of mind: Simply seeing or smelling food can give us an uncontrollable urge to eat it. By keeping our favorite “sometimes” treats out of the house means we be much less tempted.

4. Destroying the evidence: When we have a visual reminded of how much we have already eaten, we tend to feel fuller with less food. An example is leaving the bones of devoured chicken wings on your plate, or the wrappers of lollies or chocolate so you can see them.

5. Serve up less and eat less: This is the classic example of having an eye bigger than your brain. If it’s on our plate then we tend to eat it, even if it’s a lot more that we actually need. Serve up less and you might be surprised by how little you need to be content!

Hopefully these simple tips make it easier for you to eat less without even knowing it!