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Meet David Finnin, Dietitian & Nutritionist

Picture of David and his family

It’s easy to do something for days and weeks, but what’s the secret to turning short term change into lasting results? That’s where my passion lies. To me true success is about permanent change that results in better health and increased happiness.
Eating the right way is key to achieving this, but it goes far beyond kilojoules and macronutrients.

I’ve committed myself to understanding why some people have long-term success, while others don’t. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, what I’ve learnt is that how and why we eat is just as important as what we eat. Through experience I’ve observed common traps that people fall into, that work as road blocks to success. Often these traps are subtle, but they are strong enough to continually stop people from achieving their ultimate goals.
I’m here to help people identify and work through these traps, to find a path to long-term change.

As a dietitian I am continually amazed by the difference that food can make to someones health. My favourite part of the job is the connections that I build with many wonderful people, however short or long we spend together. I don’t have the solution to everyone’s problem, but I do guarantee that every person who walks through my door is listened to and respected, and the advice I give is no different to the advice I would give to my own family.

Pictured above is my wife Steph, who when she doesn’t have her hands full with Theo, is helping me out answering phones and with the day to day running of the business!

Professional Information

In 2009 I graduated from Deakin University in Victoria to become an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Since then I have enjoyed a variety of roles dealing with a whole range of health conditions working largely in partnership with local gp’s, medical specialists and other allied health professionals. Diet For You is my private practice where I assist individuals of all ages shape their health with food that meets their unique nutritional needs.

How Can I Help You?

With so much misleading information published in magazines and on social media these days, healthy eating can seem difficult and confusing. I love teaching individuals the simplicity of healthy eating and how to create a eating habits that lead to better health.

Good nutrition isn’t confined to coconut, kale and chia seeds (or whichever super food is trending right now!), it’s about finding the right balance of simple foods that meet your unique requirements.

Let’s sit down and talk about your health needs & struggles with food (believe me we all have them) and work together to improve your health.

Give us a call or send through an email and lets get started!